As you read through the frequently asked questions below, please know that the answer to any question you may have is just a phone call away. A member of our team can be reached at 585-330-7127.

What is The Margaret Home?

The Margaret Home is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in Rochester, New York which will develop a house of hospitality built on the foundations of love, dignity, and service in order to provide community living and support for pregnant women in need and their children.

Who will The Margaret Home serve?

The Margaret Home will serve pregnant women 18 years and older who are in need of housing and who are considering either parenting or adoption for their child. Moms must be willing to reside in a community-living environment and agree to abide by the home’s norms and expectations.

For the safety of The Margaret Home community, potential moms must be free from current drug and alcohol use at intake and maintain sobriety throughout their stay. Additionally, moms must be free from active domestic violence and also be free from severe mental illness.

How will The Margaret Home operate?

A group of dedicated volunteers is currently in the process of planning, program development, fundraising, and securing a property for The Margaret Home. The team is using the models of two existing maternity homes (Maggie’s Place in Phoenix, AZ and Joseph’s House in Syracuse, NY) to determine the most effective way to staff the home and run the program.

Is The Margaret Home a religious organization?

The Margaret Home is a charitable organization that is founded on Christian spirituality and social teaching in the Roman Catholic tradition. In the spirit of Jesus Christ and the Church, The Margaret Home will serve women of any faith/spirituality and welcomes community members of any spiritual traditions to become involved.

Who is Margaret?

The Margaret Home is named after St. Margaret of Cortona, the patron saint of single mothers

How can I get involved?

The Margaret Home needs men and women of all ages, abilities, and talents to assist in the creation and ongoing support of this house of hospitality.