The Margaret Home

Our Mission480-800-crop

The Margaret Home is a residential program that empowers pregnant and parenting mothers by supporting their physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs so that they can heal, grow, and thrive.

Our Objectives

  • Expand care services to homeless, pregnant women and their children in the Rochester region.
  • Connect moms to educational opportunities to enhance their career potential, marketable skills including soft-skills necessary for job or business environments.
  • Utilize a program model that conducts experiential job training in partnership with employers to increase skill levels, job readiness and career pathways.
  • Provide access to entrepreneurial skills and experiences for moms to know how to thrive and work in small business environments; making them marketable to local small businesses.

Organization Goal

To prepare women to create a stable home environment, pursue a successful career and obtain financial sustainability in a growth industry in the Rochester, NY region

Program Goal

Our program goal is to provide expecting moms with access to a caring home environment along with training, employable & entrepreneurial skills, links to employers and income to sustain their households.